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Nov 30 |
Important - Registration, Fees, Payments And Receipts
Please note:
  1. Fees are due prior to the registration deadline.  
  2. Even if you haven't paid, if the member is shown above as "signed up" they are registered! Amount owing stays in your account and will be payable next time you log in.
  3. You can un-register a member by clicking on the Undo button in the appropriate box(es) above. You can do this on an unpaid registration at any time up to the registration deadline. Not paying for the event will NOT automatically cancel the registration.
  4. Due to variable network conditions, it is possible your web browser may get stuck loading at the end of payment. Check your member "Payment History" link to see if the payment actually succeeded. If a receipt for the payment exists in Payment History, attempting "Checkout" again should result in a 0 owing balance being displayed, and checkout should not be possible. If there is no receipt, then you may visit "Checkout" to repeat the payment attempt. There will be no automated email receipt sent in the case where loading at the end of payment becomes stuck, but receipts can be printed out or emailed from "Payment History".
  5. If you receive any sort of ERROR message or you are not sure if your payment has been processed or not please contact before attempting another payment.
  6. Please keep in mind that using PC/Mac with good internet connection is the safest and most reliable option to access Moneris payment page to prevent issues.

For more information on Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club Payment Terms & Conditions please refer to the link HERE.

If you need help, please email

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