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Race and Training Videos on Sprongo

For U12 and older racers, Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club uses Sprongo: an online video service set up for the review of training footage. You can find Sprongo at There is also a link to Sprongo on our home page.
  • Coaches upload from a video camera, catalog to a specific training day or race, and then make comments or drawings on specific parts of the video if needed.
  • Racers log in, review the uploaded footage from a given day, tag themselves and their peers, and review the video and any coaches comments. 
  • Parents can see what the kids are doing at training, and show footage to teachers and family.  It brings good value and creates transparency and trust.
Invitations have been sent to all U12+s, to the email addresses provided when you signed up for Tyee membership. However, you can use any other email for the racer's account.  When creating your account, please make sure you use the racer's name so the cataloging can be done correctly.  If you have more than one kid in the programs, make sure you create a separate account for each racer.  
When you set up your Sprongo account, you can set the notification settings as well.  This will make sure you are notified when coaches upload new video and/or when the racer is tagged in a specific video.
Racers tagging their own and other's video is important and multiple racers can be tagged in each video (eg, duals). Each racer will end up with their own catalog of videos from the season and this will also make it easier to browse the clips when the library becomes large.  
A note of caution for parents...there is a term out there called "paralysis by over-analysis." Please make sure that the kids don't spend too much time overthinking, as it is important to keep their focus on the tasks set up by the coaches.

U16 and VST videos are also shared on Google Drive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the coaches.