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U12 Speed Training day @ Whistler (Skicross track) 032-1920
Sun Feb 9th, 2020
Sun Feb 9th, 2020
event fee NO lift LATE [$70.00]
Signup Closed.
Please direct inquiries to the contact person as per below.

U12 Training day Skicross track @ Blackcomb 9 February 2020

Registration deadline: Friday, 31 January 2020


  • Option 1: $70 event fee NO lift ticket (includes exclusive access to the snowcross track and coaches expenses)
  • Option 2: $115 event fee incl. child lift ticket (includes exclusive access to the snowcross track, child lift ticket and coach expenses)

Event description:

Instead of doing a two day skicross event, we will do a training day at the snowcross track. We rented the whole track just for our use. This is the perfect environment to safely train speed elements, which are key for the development of any young ski racer. In a safe environment we will practice rollers, bank turns, tucks. We should get lots of mileage throughout the day.

We would like to have all U12 athletes participate in this event, also if this is not your usual training day. Maybe we can carpool to save the environment and parents some time.

Meeting time: 8.15 am (ready to go) - lift tickets (if you ordered them) will be handed out

Meeting location: Base II Blackcomb

Pickup time: 3.30 pm

Pick up location: Base II Blackcomb

The weather will be great - bring a backpack with food and water for lunch. It will be busy at the lodge and we would like to maximize the runs we can get throughout the day. We will most likely not go into the lodge for lunch.

Equipment: Bring GS skis if you have them. Otherwise, slalom skis are totally fine as well.

For logistics contact Kristine

For coaching questions contact Tamara