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Club Event Details

U16,18 Teck Open Red Mt. 018-1920
Red Mt
Sat Feb 1st, 2020 - Mon Feb 10th, 2020
Thu Nov 28th, 2019
event fee [$2275.00]
Signup Closed.
Please direct inquiries to the contact person as per below.

U16,18 Teck Open Speed Red Mountain Speed & Training 1 - 10 February 2020


Registration deadline:  Wednesday, 27 November 2019 (accommodation deposit)

Cost: $575 (accomm deposit 10 nights x $50 & bus $75)

  • Full fee $2275 event fee incl. all meals, lift, entry fee, coach expenses


Departure: Saturday, 1 February  2020, 6.40 am Superstore, North Vancouver

Return: Monday, February 10th - depart early morning & arrive in the evening

*We will receive email updates throughout the day regarding estimated arrival time. Please check your email regularly.
Equipment: Mike & Simon have requested that you bring the following, super G & GS skis, back protector, speed suit, dryland gear, a smile and openness to learn. NO SLALOM SKIS- we are tight on space. 
*Mike as requested that only 4 athletes bring tuning tables. Please let me know if you can send a tuning table.
Coaches: Mike & Simon
Mike's cell 604-966-8315
Chaperone: Andrea Di Lalla (Lily's mom)
Accommodations: Moose Lodge - unit 60 (boys) & 61 (girls) Olaus Way Rd. Red Mt. Resort
Transportation: Truck & 10 passenger van
**Please pack light, we have limited space. 

Meals: All athletes are on full meal plan. If you can spare some time to send some baked goods with your athlete for the team to share that would be most appreciated.

For more info on logistics contact Carolyn