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U16 Fall camp #1 Sun Peaks 010-1920
Sun Peaks Resort
Wed Nov 13th, 2019 - Sun Nov 17th, 2019
Thu Oct 10th, 2019
event fee [$1100.00]
Signup Closed.
Please direct inquiries to the contact person as per below.

U16 Fall camp #1 @ Sun Peaks,

NEW DATE: 13- 17 Nov 2019

Registration deadline: Thursday, 10 October 2019 (accomm deposit)


Cost: $1100

Includes 5 days on snow

Departure: Nov. 12 @ 2pm at the North Vancouver Superstore. Please arrive at 2 pm. We hope to leave between 2:15 and 2:30.

Return: Nov. 17th after training - Arrive North Van. Superstore; Frankie will update you on Sunday (18th) regarding departure time and expected arrival on the 18th.

Accommodation: Cahilty Hotel & Suites
Chaperone: Lauren Eder
Coaches: Frankie, Jack, Mike
Packing: GS and slalom equipment, helmets, gloves, water bottle, speed suit, backpacks, ducktape, medical tape, band-aids, vaseline (frostbites), tuning kit, dryland clothes (incl. swimwear)
Schedule: We will work on stance  and balance… Snow Star 5 elements
"Back to basics-back on snow” is parole
Slalom and Gs elements - technical camp.
Other: The athletes will be stopping for dinners on the trip to and from Sun Peaks. Please send you child with money for dinners (Tuesday & Sunday) or send them with dinner for the trip to Sun Peaks.

For logistics info contact Carolyn

For coaching info contact Frankie