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Fitness Testing: Coast Zone
Summer Field Dryland
Mickey MacDougall gym
Sun Jun 2nd, 2019
Signup not required.

Coast Zone Fitness Testing 2 June 2019


Dryland tests are for kids all ages. Although the kids like comparing their scores to each other, the main focus is to benchmark and measure own fitness improvements in each training block. The coaches also look at the various tests to identify any potential weaknesses and imbalances in the racer’s bodies. There is no cost for these sessions and ALL kids are invited. This session will be run in cooperation with other lower mainland clubs, so you are likely to see your friends from Cypress and Seymour.

This testing date is important as it will set the baseline for your fitness development over this year.
Dryland testing is a great way to establish/measure your physical strengths and weaknesses. Regular testing will show you what areas you progress in and which ones need more work. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so testing is a great way to identify if there are urgent areas to work on to prevent injury. All tests are designed with physical qualities required for skiing and racing.

U12, U14, U16 and VST racers should consider dryland testing mandatory and a part of their training routine and measurement. Younger racers are also invited to participate to see how they do and to learn the tests. Do not feel intimidated if you have never done some of these before. Learning how to do them is a part of your development.

Please arrive with proper athletic attire and healthy snacks and water.

We will need some volunteer parents to help coordinate racers, to do recording at some of the testing stations, as well as entering data into the recording sheets. Please email for more info or if you can assist.

Location: Mickey MacDougall recCentre
(23rd Street East  @ St. Andrews, North Vancouver)

Time: 8.30 am -  1 pm (Each group/program has a designated start time!)

Coaches will meet at 8.15 am for setup.

Athletes should arrive at the following testing times (siblings can come together). Please, be there AT the starting time as it is logistically impossible to provide proper warm-up if you show up later (insufficient warm-up may cause injuries!!):

  • FIS / U16 (2005 older):  8.30 am
  • U14 (2006-2007):          9.15 am
  • U12 (2008-2009):          10.30 am
  • U10 (2010 younger)      11.15 am (You cannot start after 11.30 am as we need to be finished by 1 pm)

We will aim to be all finished by 1 pm. The tests take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to complete.

We will to ALL tests to set a baseline for the rest of the dryland year:
1. Height
a. Standing
b. Seated
2. Weight
3. Vertical Jump
4. Long Jump
5. Agility - T-Test
6. Double Leg Penta Jump

7. Max push-ups
8. Box jump
a. 60 second Test U12 - U16 ONLY)
b. 90 second Test (FIS ONLY)
9. Leger-Boucher – Beep Test

For more information, please email us at