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Race Results

  • Results from BC Alpine sanctioned races (U14, U16, U18, and some U12, U10 and U8 races) are posted on the BC Alpine Calendar (look for the 'R' symbol next to the race listing).
  • Results from U12, U10 and U8 races are sent by email and posted on Grouse Tyee News as they become available.
  • Results from all International FIS races are posted on the FIS website.

Live Timing

If you have nerves of steel, you can watch the race timing on your computer or smart phone as the event is happening. Go to the Live Timing site, and select the race and run of interest.

Not all races have live timing. It depends on the club, the topology of the run, the volunteers, and sometimes even the weather.

The Points System

What follows is a very brief introduction to the points system, which is used to rank racers provincially, nationally and internationally.

Parents and racers should not pay too much attention to points, but it is interesting to know how they are calculated.

  • Racers start to be ranked by national points in U14
  • Racers start to ranked by international (FIS) points in U18/VST
  • The better ranked the racer, the lower their points are. The top racer in the world has 0.00 points, the 30th ranked racer in the world has 6.00 points, National Team members generally have under 20 points and Provinical Team racers under 50.
  • Racers can score points each time they race. The winner receives 0.00 race points, and all other racers receive some greater value, based on how much longer they took to complete the course compared to the winner.
  • Since not all races have the same quality of field, each race also has a penalty factor which is used in the calculation of points for that race. The lower the penalty, the higher the caliber of race. The race penalty is calculated by using a calculation that averages of the top 5 point holders points. 
  • To determine a racers point result you must add the the race points and race penalty together.
  • If a racer does not finish or is disqualified they do not score points in that event. 
  • Points carry over from year to year.
  • If a racer doesn't lower their points in a season they will be penalized and their points will increase the following season
  • Points are used to determine the start position in a race. The top 15 racers are randomly drawn for start positions 1-15. The remaining racers start in order of their points from lowest to highest.
  • Separate point counts are maintained per racer for each of the 5 disciplines: Downhill (DH), Super Giant Slalom (Super G), Slalom (SL), Giant Slalom (GS) and Super Combined (SC). U14s only race Slalom and GS. U16s also race Super G. Only older racers race Downhill and Super Combined.
  • A point value of 999.99 means the racer has not started to accumulate points yet in that discipline.
  • The National Points List is here:
  • The International Points List is here:
  • A few intros to the FIS point system:
  • The nitty gritty of BC Alpine's Quotas, Rules and Selections, and Provincial Ranking is here: