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Last updated: 14-September-2019

Grouse Tyee Programs Overview

Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club is in the business of developing the physical and ski specific qualities of kids aged 6-18 (through our U8, U10U12, U14, U16 and U18/ VST programs).

Download a pdf file showing the full Alpine Skiing development pathway and the integration of our programs.

Note that Tyee does not offer snowboarding, freestyle ski or nordic ski programs.

Our programs are generally by year of birth. The "U" in our program names stands for "under", so we have Under 8 (years old), Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, etc.

Tyee Programs, 2019-20 Season
(Dec 31, 2019)
Year of Birth Program BC Alpine
6 2013 U8 EL
7 2012 U8 EL
8 2011 U10 EL
9 2010 U10 EL
10 2009 U12 EL
11 2008 U12 EL
12 2007 U14 NC
13 2006 U14 NC
14 2005 U16 NC
15 2004 U16 NC
16+ 2003
and earlier


For more details on the programs Tyee delivers, please select the appropriate link from the table above or see the Programs menu at the top of the page.

For racers 16+, Tyee collaborates with the other Vancouver clubs to deliver a quality FIS program, the Vancouver Ski Team (VST).  At the beginning of 2009 we undertook a rebuilding project for the VST and it is working very well since.

Tyee is also very proud to work in cooperation with Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports (VASS) to provide skiers with cognitive or physical limitations the opportunity to participate in on-snow sports.  For more information, please check out the VASS website.

Program Fees (2019-20 Season) 
Program Fees
U8 $1000-1115*
U10 $1125-1240*
U12 $1415-1530*
U14 $2145
U16 $2995
U18/ VST $3948

* Where a range of fees is shown for a program, fees vary according to the number of training days per week.

Please see the relevant program pages for more information.

Every skier in a Tyee program must have the appropriate BC Alpine insurance. For more information on BC Alpine categories, insurance and fees, please see the BC Alpine website.

BC Alpine Fees, 2019-20 Season
BC Alpine Category Name Insurance Fee
EL Entry Level $82
NC National Competitor Card


FIS-A FIS-Alpine As per BCA

These fees are slightly higher than those shown on the BC Alpine website, because they include the online payment and processing charges we incur.