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Last Updated 14 January 2020

U12 Race Program

Head Coach: Tamara Schaupp
Certification: Level 3 Ski Instructor (Austria) / Coach for Kinder and Junior Ski Racing (Austria) / CSCF Development Level Certified Advanced/ Gymnastics Coach Certified/ Fitness Instructor (Austria), Physical Literacy Instructor

Assistant Coaches: Jack Bibby, Dave Brougham, Jack Sorokin, Christian Conner, Nesho Plavsic, Mathieu Bouvier, Geoff Emslie, Dani Rozados, Max Bibby (sub)

The program is open to ages 10 -11.  Kids must be able to ski dynamically on blue runs, as well as be comfortable on black runs. The U12 program will provide them with the opportunity to learn how to race train and prepare for the U14 program. 

The U12 program is intended for kids whose skills have improved rapidly and are able to focus on making their skis perform.  This program starts earlier in the season to provide more time on snow, with training structure and intensity similar to U14.

While continuing to make the learning fun and promoting love for skiing, the development of dynamic balance, movement and rhythm continues. Kids in U12 will take advantage of race course environments, with competitive situations occuring more often. Alternative off-piste environments (bumps, powder, steeps, jumps) will be fully utilized when conditions allow.

Our expert head coaches design the winter training plan and lay out the developmental priorities to the coaching staff.  In return, the coaches expect the kids to have a desire to train hard and focus on the task at hand. Alpine Canada's Long Term Athlete Development pathway is used as the progression and evaluation guideline.

The U12 program starts on snow in December and runs every weekend till the end of March.  Christmas camps are included in the core program.  There will also be extra skiing opportunities during the school spring break and in November for the fall camp.

Families have a few options for 2019-20 season:

  • U12:  Saturday or Sunday plus Tuesday and Thursday evenings - Early bird price of $1,415
  • U12+: Weekend plus Tuesday and Thursday evenings - Early bird price of $1,530

The above prices include the online processing and payment fees.

Please note that Tuesdays and Thursdays are included in the U12 program.  However, kids (especially younger ones) are not required to attend both nights.  Please let the head coach know if you are not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Training times for this group are approximately 7:15 am-2:30pm on weekends and approx 5:20-8:30pm on weeknights. Coaches meet their groups at the tram and load up with the kids. (If you are arriving late, it is your responsibility to locate the group on the mountain)

Racing opportunities for this group are on a basic competition level. Home or away race event fees are not included in the program fees. Details on these will be announced in a timely fashion and will be published on our calendar with the race notice.

Groups are formed by coaches' assesment of racer's skills and approved by the U12 Head Coach and Tyee Program Director. Some grouping changes may occur based on the kids dedication & speed of development throughout the year.  Grouping requests are not possible for this program.

Additional training opportunities will be offered to kids who are working hard, improving rapidly and skiing fast. These opportunities may include training with the U14s and additional training days. The kids will be invited solely by the coaching staff. The aim of this approach is not to create an elitist group, but to challenge those kids that are ready to take it to a higher level of intensity. 

The option to attend all pre and post season camps is strongly recommended for U12s. For info on these opportunities please click here.

Sport science shows us a specific period of opportunity for development of agility, balance and coordination at this age.  After 10 years old, (or once they hit another growth spurt) it is much harder to acquire these skills. With this in mind, U12 athletes should participate in our year-round dryland training activities

Most up to date schedule can be found under Program Calendars.

If you have any questions, please contact Head Coach Tamara Schaupp at or the U12 Parent Coordinator at