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Racing on Grouse 2016/2017

The Race Organizing Committee (ROC) of Grouse Tyee will be running 4 Races in 2016/2017 - one U12 zone race (the Tyee Cup), one U14 zone race and two Club Races. Putting on a ski race requires the help of many individuals. We will need the help of ALL club members to make these races a success. Please mark these dates on your calendar, come out and cheer on our racers, do a little work, and have some fun.

U14 Coast Zone Race - February 18th & 19th

More than 100 U14 racers from the Coast Zone will compete in two days of racing. On Saturday there will be a 2-run GS per gender.  On Sunday there will be two 1-run SL per gender.  For this race we will need about 100 volunteers to make this race happen. Come out and get involved!

The 9th Annual Tyee Cup - February 25th & 26th

More than 150 U12 racers from around the Coast Zone will compete in two days of racing. The event will start with in a 1-run Kombi on Saturday morning and a 1-run GS in the afternoon.  Sunday the U12's will have a chance to race 1-run Stubby SL in the morning and a 1-run full gate SL in the afternoon.  We will need about 100 volunteers to make this race happen. Again, please sign up for volunteering!

Grouse Tyee Club Races

Race 1: December 30th

Race 2: TBD

These race will give all Tyee U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, VST racers, Parents and Coaches a chance to come out and race their friends, win some prizes, and have a good time (U8 and U10 racers can race if they are brought up by their parents).  The races will allow our athletes to compare themselves to everyone in the club and see how their skiing is progressing. Races are also great social events where parents can come together, have some fun, do a little work, and cheer on our racers. Plus, it allows our race organizers and volunteers a chance to hone their skills in a low-key environment so when we hold a big race, we will all be ready to put on a great event.


Putting on a fair, safe, and fun ski race requires many volunteers. We need your help to make these races happen. To volunteer for any race, please email Lisa our volunteer coordinator at and she will find a job for you. No previous experience or skiing ability is required. Everyone is welcome. If you have previous experience or would like to try a specific job, let me know. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact Nesho Plavsic, Grouse Tyee Race Organizing Committee Chair @