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Last Updated Nov 2019

Get involved as a Member Volunteer!

Grouse Tyee always requires volunteers for ongoing club activities.  Please visit the Volunteer page for more info.  Most volunteer positions require no previous experience and are a great way to see how your Club works. If you could be of assistance in any way, please contact a Board Member.

Apply for a Coach position

The Grouse Tyee coaching structure is as follows:

  • U16 Head Coach (ages 14-15) (Oct-Apr, Full Time)
    • Assistant Coach x 2 (Dec-Apr, Full Time) 
  • U14 Head Coach (ages 12-13) (Oct-Apr, Full Time)
    • Assistant Coach x 1 (Dec-Apr, Full Time)
    • U14 Coach x 3 (Dec-Mar, Per Diem)
  • U12 Head Coach (ages 10-11) (Nov-Mar, Full Time)
    • U12 Coach x 8 (Dec-Mar, Per Diem, Tue and Thu night,  Saturday, Sunday)
  • U10 Head Coach (ages 6-9) (Jan-Mar, Full Time)
    • U10 Coach x 8 (Jan-Mar, Per Diem, Saturdays, Sundays)
    • U10 Coach x 2 (Jan-Mar, Per Diem, Full Weekend) 

Coaches should have the following strengths:

  • Ability to set up fun training environments that promote skill development
  • Strong ski demonstration skills
  • Ability to teach ski skills in an exciting, enjoyable and productive manner
  • Group management and teamwork
  • Weekly skill training planning
  • Safety and risk management
  • Good organizational/administrative skills
  • Strong athlete, parent and colleague communication skills
  • Passion for athlete and self improvement in fun and competitive settings.

Coaches are required to be CSCF trained or certified at the appropriate level. 

Length of employment and compensation will be determined on an individual basis depending on the applicant's qualifications, experience and commitment.


Once you're hired, here are the steps to becoming an employee and active coach:

  1. go to
  2. fill in the employee info entry form
  3. Criminal background check. Sent via invite from us after completing the employee entry form.
  4. Complete TD1 federal and provincial forms and email to
  5. Send banking info (Transit, account, branch number) for electronic deposit to
  6. Ensure you have paid your coaching Alpine Canada coaching dues and signed the code of conduct. For this head to
  7. Complete Respect in sport module
  8. Review the Tyee coach's handbook to calculate your pay rate and all other information. 
  9. Time to ski :)