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Nov 25 | Fitness
New Fitness Testing Date

Since we were unlucky last weekend, here is the

NEW fitness testing date:


 November 29th, 2014

Location: Memorial gym,100 block East 23rd Street, North Vancouver

Time: 2.00 - 5.30 pm


Start time per group:

  • VST/U16: 2.00 pm
  • Mstar: 2.30 pm (Mstar program born 1999, 2000, 2001)
  • U12: 2.45 pm (also Mstar program born 2002, 2003, 2004)
  • U10: 3.15 pm
  • U8: 3.45 (born 2005 younger)

Please, make sure you arrive on time as this event will be very busy. Siblings can come together. This test will be a FULL test and will show how much the athletes have improved since the last full testing in spring.

  • height (stand, sit), weight (in KG and CM!!!)
  • vertical jump
  • long jump
  • penta jump
  • T-test
  • box jump
  • push-ups
  • beep test

These tests evaluate athletic abilities that are the key to becoming a successful ski racer. After at least 6 months of dryland and other sports, these tests should have improved.

Things to consider:

  • bring water,
  • bring proper runners with good sole (NO boarder shoes)
  • ALWAYS warm up at least 10 minutes beforehand (there is always a coach designated to do warm-up with the kids, so look out for him and ask when you cannot find anyone). Lack of warm-up will lead to a distortion of test results as the body cannot perform in a cold state. Also injuries can happen when the body is not properly warmed up.
  • You will get the paper copy to fill in the test results from a volunteer AFTER you have warmed-up
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