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Aug 08 | Training
Glacier Summer Super Camp!!!

The Tyee Performance Training Calendar had another successful camp! A total of 23 athletes participated with almost all programs, from U10 to U16 represented this year.

The camp was designed by BC Alpine which also organized guest coaches such as; Olympic athlete, Mike Janyk, Canadian Team member Conrad Pridy and Charley Field to the delight of our Tyee Racers and Coaches alike!! All of which were very hands on for two days on the glacier with our racers as well as dryland. Not to mention the behind the scene’s contributions like organizing lift tickets and salting the race course as well as dietary concerns for the kids staying at athlete’s village and managing T-shirts for everyone.

There were a half dozen Tyee’s that chose to stay at athlete’s village this year, who enjoyed the culinary delights that prized National Athletes enjoy!

Our first two days of training were best compared to skiing the Sahara, given the temperature even at glacier altitudes. Training ended in weather far more familiar to Tyee Racers with fog and light rain that clearly suited them given their choice of attire compared to other racers in the lift line. (The Tyee Poncho prevailed).

Coaches: Sead, Frankie, Scott, Tamara and Nesho were particularly pleased by the progress made by all having focused on basic skills such as Stance and Balance, Edging and Angulation inside and outside of the courses set, which was the focus of the camp. Despite the pace and ferocity of this year’s camp, all athletes showed incredible tenacity and stamina right down to the youngest of Tyees to the delight of our Coaches.

Dryland this year ranged from running and swimming Lost Lake to agility and co-ordination games to photographs with top level athletes. After a week of hard work, early mornings and 4 dryland sessions, everyone came away tired but excited about what they had accomplished.

Some of our Tyee athletes’ favourite moments this year included meeting Olympic Silver Medalist Kelsey Serwa, Olympic Gold Medalist Marielle Thompson (“Big Air Mar”) and our very own Tyee; Georgia Simmerling of the National Ski Cross Team! A Few of our U14’s even got the chance to train on their Ski Cross Course, complete with instruction from National Team Coaches! No doubt, it was very exciting stuff.

For some, meeting Olympic Medalist’s highlighted the experience, for others it was the comradery of ski friends in the summer or learning to Cross Block for the first time, but at the end of an action packed week it wasn’t hard to find smiling faces. It’s no surprise that everyone left Whistler Super Summer Camp excited for next season and what may lie ahead for Summer Camp 2015!

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