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Apr 05 | Training
Tyees Selected For Talent Id Camp

BC Alpine will be holding its Talent ID Camp Invitational in Whistler this coming April 16th through 20th, and several Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club racers have been selected to train alongside other top athletes from across the province.

Our 2014 talent:


Ladies: Antonia Wearmouth (5th selection spot)


Sam Mulligan (9th)

Paul Cotton (14th)


Ladies: Frances MacDonald (4th)



Ester Stambolian (5th)

Lucia Plunkett (6th)

Men: Konstantin Petkovic (Alternate)

For these promising athletes, it’s one more step forward. Take it from our club director, Sead Causevic.

“Ski racing is a long road of ‘talent’ development, so this is a great opportunity to ski and train with other high-performance racers and coaches from BC," he told the athletes. "Talent = Hard Work + Skill.”

Congratulations to our racers. They will surely make the most of this opportunity!

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