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Mar 22 | Racing
March Madness (tyee Style)



We’re nearing the end of the racing season but it always wraps up with a storm of events.  It’s March Madness, no less frenetic than the college basketball version.  The mania kicked off with the U8/U10 event held this year on Grouse Mountain and hosted by the Tyee Ski Club.  This is the first time we’ve had this race on Grouse this decade.  240 NGSL racers competed in 2 runs of Glalom, set up on Centennial, under a blue bird sky.  There was also a combi course and a jump at the bottom of Expo. It was a perfect day for skiing and a great introduction to how fantastically fun racing can be for our young athletes and families alike.  

This may be the busiest season in history for the Tyee ski club and its army of volunteers.  The NGSL race followed right on the heels of the FIS race and the Tyee Cup.  To activate that many volunteers to sacrifice their weekends working for a free lunch and a beer ticket is incredible.  Yes the bagel sandwiches are very good and the beer goes down easy at the end of the day but these races wouldn’t happen without the efforts of Chantel Rackley and Ashley Gold coordinating and coercing.   On the technical side Nesho Plavsic put together a perfect plan to make everything run like a Swiss watch.

The madness continued the following weekend with the U14 Provincials in Prince George and the U12 Janyk Cup in Whistler.  The U14s produced some impressive results for the Tyee Ski Club.  In the female slalom Cordelia Hultman finished 8th and Brooke Irish 9th.  The top Tyee on the male side was an 11th place finish for Noah Fischer.  In GS first year U14 Maeve Pretty finished 19th while Graeme Eder cracked the top 10 with a 7th place result. 

The weekend at Purden Mountain wrapped up with a wild day of team dual slalom.  The squad of Alexa Brownlie from Whistler, former Tyee Alec Waldrum, Reed Kelly from Revelstoke and Addyson Kuss and Tessa Wang from Grouse Mountain took home Gold beating the team anchored by Tyee Noah Fischer.  Noah Smith was on the Bronze medal winning team.

On a warm weekend in Whistler the GS and Glalom courses on Ptarmigan held up surprisingly well for the Janyk Cup.  Grouse Tyee skiers competed incredibly well.  In the first race the overall winner was Ben Gold. Indigo Liu finished 5th, Ben Nelson 7th, Borna Awaii 9th and Callum Elburn 10th.  For Females, Lilia Rose finished 3rd, Nina Jacobs 5th and Ruby Gee 9th.

The Second race was also peppered with Tyee skiers.  Nina Jacobs finished 6th, Lilia Rose 8th and 1st year U12 Emily Warman finished 9th overall.  On the male side Borna Awaii came in 5th, Smith Irish 7th and Tim Nelson 8th.

The Sun Peaks Festival is taking place March 22nd and 23rd while the U16s are competing at Apex.  Early results from day one at Apex are promising for Grouse athletes.  In Female GS Katarina Kaludjercic finished 9th while Mila Plavsic finished just outside the top 10 in 11th.  The boys raced Slalom on day 1 with Dylan Stevens finishing 5th and Taylor Nellis 7th.

Enjoy the rest of your season and thanks to all Tyee families for putting in the volunteer time to make our club so successful both on and off the race course.



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