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Feb 11 | General
What It Feels Like On Race Day


From U14 Skier Marese Fletcher:

The Tyee U14 race program participates in different races, located on different mountains mostly in the Lower Mainland. On the second weekend of January, Whistler Mountain hosted a U14 race with 1 day of Giant Slalom and 1 day of Slalom courses. Each of those categories consist of different measurements between gates to make your turn shape smaller or larger.

We start by inspecting the course. An inspection is when you go with your teammates and coaches to slip the course and try to remember the key components to it. Sometimes while slipping you catch your ski and topple over - great start to the day, am I right?!

This brings us to the fun part, Racing! It’s always so nerve racking for me when I am approaching the start gate. I always try to take deep breaths; my teammates say it helps. Who am I kidding, it’s a lie. That deep breath ritual never works. Instead, I use my nervousness to fuel myself and give me that extra kick of adrenalin.

You are focused on the course, however you can’t help but hear your teammates and coaches cheering you on from the side lines. You feel wind on your face as you tear through the course full of hairpins, flushes, delays and simple corridors. Then when the finish line comes into view you immediately push as hard as you can to go faster and get a good time. The feeling of accomplishment surges over you as you cross that line.

At the end of the race, awards are held. You always want to hear your name being called out, and even if you don’t place, you are always so happy to see one of your fellow racers from Grouse Mountain Tyee step up onto the podium. The U14 Whistler race was a great way to start the season.

Marese Fletcher U14



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