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Jan 29 |
U12 Athlete Of The Month
The U12 Athlete of the Month for December is Kai Taylor Nunes.
U12 Head Coach Coach Tamara says that "Kai embodies AoM in several ways: He is always on the hill unless he is sick, he listens to coaches and asks questions and he knows lots of ski racer names."
Coach Tamara also tells us that Kai is very quick to help out teammates.  One amazing example she shared is when he helped a U8 athlete carry their skis to the tram.  He was late for the U12 tram load as a result but Tamara gave him a pass when he shared his reason.  Way to go Kai. As Mike Janyk would say, that's a homie move. 
Kai knew he wanted to be a ski racer the first time he saw the Tyee kids training on Grouse.  His other passion is mountain biking on the local mountains and in the bike park in Whistler.  The great outdoors is what makes Kai happiest.  One thing he doesn't like is pollution.
Congratulations Kai.  Have a great season.
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