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Nov 06 | Training
Mud Run Fun

As the ski season gets closer dryland activities are ramping up.  Weeknight training has moved inside to get out of the dark and rain even though the rain has been sparse most nights.  That brings me to the mudless mud run.  What a day to be out on the trails.  The times were great and the parent volunteers stayed dry.  The mud run is a cross-country course with obstacles, cones and gates in the park through the bushes with sharp corners.  That's how Tamara describes the set up. This year’s course was behind the Aquarium in Stanley Park under the sun.

Coach Tamara was impressed with how the day went

“A big THANK YOU to all the volunteer timers.  We finished in record time this year and kept the kids moving.”

Once again fantastic photographers Ian Wong and Jirka Vanourek captured all the action in pictures.  Here are the links to the photos:


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