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Apr 02 | Racing
Sun Peaks Sizzles

The Sun Peaks Festival has gone from a fantastically fun event for Nancy Greene ski racers, mainly from Central BC and the coast, to a must attend event for ski clubs from the entire province and beyond.  The over 600 racers came from as far away as Lake Louise, Fernie and even Yukon.  Tyee as always was well represented with about ¼ of the total skiers.  The blue jackets were all over the hill.  Ziv’s mogul Masters mashed the mountain.  Anja’s Stormbringers fortunately didn’t bring any rain just racy turns and Andrew’s scrambled legs kept those little limbs moving all weekend long.

It’s a week of skiing, swims and sledding around the village all bringing ample smiles.  Snow was great for the parents too on the training days and post race ripping around with the kids and coaches.; already can’t wait for next year.

The season is coming to an end although there’s still lots of snow on Grouse and at least another month to enjoy it.  Tyee Day should be spectacular.  Looking forward to seeing you all on the 15th.


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