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Nov 08 | Training
Mud Run Fun


The Dryland season is winding down which of course means the ski season is around the corner.  We just need to shake the record breaking heat and get some snow in them there hills.  The one upside to the Pineapple Express storms is lots of mud.  Perfect for the Annual Tyee Mud Run. 

Serguei once again set up a fun challenging course that tested not only the athletes but their family washing machines.

Oliver Greene blitzed the course in just over 63 seconds and Tyee’s first family of running the Irishes absolutely killed it. 

Coach Tamara thought the event was one of the best ever.

“Awesome effort by everyone who came out and challenged him/herself to the mud run. At least the coaches agreed that mud-wise this was the best mud run event for quite a while.” 

Now it’s time to bring on the snow.







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