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Mar 11 | General
Try Tyee
The Grouse Tyee Ski Club is a learn-to-race (versus learn-to-ski) club. Our upcoming promotion:
Try Tyee... For Free! Session*
Sunday, March 11th, 2018
on Grouse Mountain
We will soon be recruiting for our 2018-19 season (which commences December 2018/January 2019), and will have openings for ACTIVE KIDS ages 6 through 10 who:
- are capable skiers who love skiing and being outdoors (rain or shine)
- are up to a good challenge and want to improve their skills
- want to be part of a great TEAM of great kids, and make new friends
...and PARENTS who are seeking a community of volunteer-minded ski enthusiasts who believe in the value of sport.
To sign up for this promotion, please fill out the Try Tyee... For Free! application form. Your application will be sent to our Volunteer Membership Chair, and she will correspond with you via email to provide more information.
*Invited candidates will be issued a free Grouse lift ticket plus parent tram pass for Sunday, March 11th, 2018. Kids will be taken skiing by qualified Tyee coaching staff while parents attend an Orientation Session in the Tyee Cabin, where information about the Club will be given, and questions answered.
IMPORTANT: Please sign the Insurance Waiver for BOTH the child AND any attending parents and email it to Tyee Volunteer Membership Chair.
Only after receiving signed waiver you will be contacted by our Volunteer Membership Chair.
Please fill one form and sign one waiver per child AND parent participating.
NOTE: For those that cannot attend, but are still interested in joining Tyee, please watch for Application List for 2018-19 season that will be posted on our website following the Spring Break.
Any questions? Contact: Tyee Volunteer Membership Chair.
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