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Feb 01 | General
U12 Athlete Of The Month


Coaches in U12, U14 and U16 name an Athlete of the Month.  The Criteria for getting this honour is hard work, dedication, attitude and improvement.  Marese Fletcher is the U12 Athlete of the Month for December 2017/18.  Marese has been working incredibly hard this season. She lets us know what fills up her time when she’s not on the hill and the things she would like to avoid.  


My name is Marese and I got athlete of the month. I have been asked to do a write up about myself, so here goes. My favourite food is chili. I also enjoy tacos but never EVER put avocado on my tacos - it’s disgusting. In school I love to do Physical Education and Art.  I dislike Humanities because it doesn’t involve much creativity. 


 I adore riding horseback - both English and Western. For those who don’t know what English and Western are - I’ll put it as “Back straight Perfect” and “Cowboy”. Besides skiing I also do Scottish Highland dancing and Cross Country running. This year in skiing I would like to improve my speed throughout the course.

Good Luck with your skiing and avoiding avocados Marese

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