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Jan 31 | Racing
When Tyee Meets Ski Cross


It’s one of the most anticipated events on the Tyee calendar yet it’s not even Alpine skiing.  The Whistler Events Ski Cross is a unique race pitting mainly ski club kids against one another in heats of four.  It’s motocross on skis.  Ski cross is a two day event but most of the time is spent running the course of jumps, woops and tight turns solo. 

The results on race day are immediate.  If you don’t finish in the top two you don’t move on.  As you can imagine that kind of instant feedback creates an equal amount of elation and disappointment.  The finish corral is frequently filled with tears. 

This year’s event for 9 to 13 year olds was especially tricky on the Blackcomb track.  It wouldn’t stop snowing.  (Ask anyone about the drive down from base II if you want to feel better about your daily commute)  All that fresh snow created only one fast racing line.  If you could get out in it first you were golden.  Our Tyee racers had some tremendous success with lots of race wins and podium finishes.  More importantly, as coach Quinten emphasized, they all got a great lesson in going for it.    


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