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Jan 31 | General
U14 Athlete Of The Month


Coaches in U12, U14 and U16 name an Athlete of the Month.  The Criteria for getting this honour is hard work, dedication, attitude and improvement.  Cordelia Hultman is the U14 Athlete of the Month for Decemeber 2017/18.  We asked Coco about her likes and dislikes, her family and her skiing.  


Loves:  Fishing with dad.


I like traveling to Croatia and the beaches of the Adriatic. I also like seeing my family in the Czech Republic and many outdoor sports.


Dislikes: I do not like Spiders and hair in my food.


Favorite foods - Berries and Sushi.

Least Favorite foods - Tomatoes and potatoes.


Sports:  Field Hockey, Silks (Circus), Speed Swimming and Bouldering.


Ski equipment:  Elan skis, Velox guards, Poc helmet and goggles, and Spider clothing even though I hate Spiders!


Family: My sister bugs me a lot but of course I still love her.


What I'd like to improve on:  Cross blocking, my movement between gates and generating speed within the race course.


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