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Mar 28 |
Fantastic Fun At Nancy Greene Festival

The Nancy Greene Festival in Sun Peaks is the unofficial wrap up event to the ski season.  It’s a one of a kind weekend that I think the parents look forward to more than the kids.  Of course that may have something to due with Bottoms being so conveniently located to the place the kids like to lap the most.

The weekend consists of coaches, with little racers and (much slower) parents in tow frantically racing around the mountain to inevitably wait to race down the mountain.  Is it jump and ski cross or speed and moguls?  Is there time for the racer lunch or just pocket snacks?

We parents usually take the whole thing way too seriously, staying up to all hours pontificating on what should be the ideal wax, ski type and edge angle for each event while the racers themselves are sound asleep, completely gassed from the long days of big mountain skiing

To paraphrase Coach Vlad, It’s a Festival. It’s supposed to be fun.  It’s always that, no doubt.  It’s also, slightly, controlled chaos.  The results were outstanding for the Grouse Mountain Tyee  Skiers.  I believe there were at least 8 Tyee podium sweeps.  Nobody talks about the podiums though.  The buzz is always about the gutty performances like Hazel Clay blowing up halfway down the moguls course and then running to the finish. The crowd was going crazy. Thomas Hung wowed the crowd too when he killed the Glalom with only a single ski and pole.

Even the training days are loaded with highlights.  Serguei and the U8 coaches set up an (unauthorized) ski pole course that the kids proceeded to rip.  Local skiers began to gather. Some of the comments:

“Are those U10s?” and “Wow, they’re really good.”

From U8 on up they are all really good.  Serguei and Vlad and Tamara and their incredible coaching staffs have trained them well.

As the Nancy Greene Festival wrapped up, bringing an end to the official Tyee season, nobody (but the parents) was saying they couldn’t wait to sleep in next Saturday.  Here’s to another great year. 


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