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Feb 28 |
Tyee Cup: What A Weekend For Racing


Putting on a ski race is a lot of work.  Staging a successful one needs the hard work, lots of (often thankless) volunteer hours and a little cooperation from Mother Nature.  The 2017 Teck U12 Tyee Cup was the ultimate example of a plan coming together.

Coach Jack Bibby called it the best Tyee Cup in the 10 years he’s been in the club.  The courses were testing for sure but the snow held up even under the sun.  Great job slippers and shovel crew.  The Husband and wife duo of Catherine and Dave kept it lively on the Mic. 

Catherine Grant: “Dave was good but I carried him.”    What else is new Dave?  I believe I only saw one set of footprints in the snow.

Speaking of announcing Mike Janyk and President Chris could take their show on the road as well.  Strong energy, good information and wicked prizes.

Cindy and the lunch bag brigade had the racers well fed.  CFR also pulled double duty at the bar in the coaches lounge.  That may have contributed to the quality of the announcing. I’m just saying.

Coach Tamara broke out the emoticons in her praise.

“Way to go U12 Tyee!!! 👏👏 We showed some 💪 with stellar performances - CONGRATULATIONS to everyone. In particular, we got the trophy for girls back, this is only the second time ever Tyee got it for the girls!! Congrats to Cordelia!!” 

When you push yourself to go your fastest there will be crashes.  We saw that at Daytona on Sunday and on Grouse both Saturday and Sunday but Tamara and the entire Tyee coaching staff couldn’t have been prouder of our skiers’ effort.

“World Cup racers straddle gates all the time and they have lots of more training days under their belt. Better to be close to the gates and straddle than being miles away. Keep working hard (and harder) during training and more successful race days are to come. We coaches were extremely happy with all performances.” 

Aside from the crashes, straddles and missed gates the heartbreak award has to go to Kenji Kamachi.  Kenji finished outside the top 10 in the Stubby Slalom by 00.01 seconds.  It truly doesn’t get any closer than that.

There are only a few more events but still lots of snow so we’ll see you on the course, or in the trees, pounding out the turns.



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